Where did it come from?

Finding the Book of Mormon

Three years after Joseph saw the First Vision, he was visited by an angel. According to Joseph's journal of 1832, "said the Lord had forgiven me my sins and he revealed unto me that ... there was plates of gold upon which there was engravings of the servants of the living God in ancient days and ... that I should go and get them[.]"1

Before Joseph could obtain the plates, he had to obtain an eye single to the glory of God and get rid of his desire to obtain the plates for riches. After four years of spiritual preparation, Joseph was finally able to take the plates.

The Translation of the Book of Mormon

The translation of the Book of Mormon was not your typical language translation. Emma, Joseph's wife, said that she saw him "sitting with his face buried in his hat, with the stone in it, and dictating hour after hour with nothing between us."2 Martin Harris, Emma Smith, and Oliver Cowdery were Joseph Smith's main scribes. The translation was completed in the summer of 1829.

Joseph Smith would bury his head in a hat and read the transation of the Book of Mormon off of a seer stone.

The Printing and Distribution of the Book of Mormon

Once the translation was complete, Joseph needed to find a way to a print and distribute the book effetively. Since the book was much larger than normal, most printing presses declined because of the lack of printing supplies. Joseph was able to secure a printer and print about 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon. Through the efforts of missionary work, the Book of Mormon was taken all around the country, and even the globe.

A timeline of the translation of the Book of Mormon.

The Importance of the Book or Mormon

The Book of Mormon is one of the key differences between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other churches. This book contains the fulness of the gospel and the steps necessary to return to God.

By following the councel inside, people can draw closer to God and Jesus Christ. This book offers peace and comfort during difficult times and can bring joy whenever.